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Not everyone gets a second chance. 


Parker Brooks was a legendary bull rider. He had become a household name until he suffered a career-ending knee injury. Now he's back home working his family's ranch alongside his brothers. 


A night out for a celebration flipped his world upside down. A certain young woman who had walked away from him without a word, or an explanation, was working the bar. 


Maddison King was the only woman he'd been ready to give his heart to. She'd been his everything, and then she'd up and vanished.  


He'd thought he'd gotten over her, but one look at her luscious curves and killer smile had him realizing otherwise. She's older, more mature, and too damn sexy for her own good. 


There was no denying the attraction between them. It was just like old times. 


He deserved to know why she’d packed up and left. She couldn’t run from him forever. 


When secrets are revealed, Parker and Maddison's worlds explode. Will they be able to survive the past to build a future?


"Emotional, passionate, and romantic. Back in the Saddle is a heartfelt second chance romance that you don't want to miss."--Author Sade Rena

"This story will grab you by your heart and not let go. A well-written story that will have you cheering Maddy and Parker to a 'happily ever after.'"--Author Moni Boyce.

"It was emotional at times but sweet and sexy and just all-around a feel-good story.--Mari Loves Books Blog

"I'm a sucker for second chance romances, add in sexy a cowboy and I'm hooked."-- Goodreads reviewer

"It was sexy, had great character development, great storytelling, and burn off the pages chemistry between Parker and Maddison. I'm never disappointed when I read a Peyton Banks story and Back in The Saddle was no different."--Goodreads reviewer

"History and secrets explode in this brilliantly entertaining and engaging read. Well written, with excellent interactions between some superbly creative characters fill this storyline with charisma."--Amazon Reviewer

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