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Readers are loving my books! That's why I want to give away a short novella for you to test me out! Most times readers will know whether or not they love the style of writings of an author within a few pages. The short story, Summer Escape, is yours for free. Enjoy!


Marina Carter was ready to take back her life. She deserved more in life than a loveless relationship and a cheating fiancé. Without a thought, she packed her bags and escaped far away to a private island to plan her new life. Sun, fresh air, and sandy beaches proved to be just what she needed.


One thing she hadn’t plan on, was spending the day with one Gage Marks. He helped awaken a part of her that she thought was long forgotten. Her summer escape proved to be more than she could ever imagine, but her time with Gage would come to an end soon.


Their steamy night together would not be enough for either Marina or Gage. Marina is excited about what the future may hold, but will her past let her go?

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