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Tempest: His Best Friend’s Sister Romance

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He knew better than to touch her...she's his best friend's sister. 


Eli Holland was taking a trip back home to Destiny, Colorado. He couldn't have picked a worse time than in the middle of the biggest snowstorms of the year. The person picking him up from the airport was none other than Tempest Bailey, his best friend's younger sister. 


She was gorgeous and had always been off-limits. It was an unspoken rule that one doesn't touch the sister of a man who was considered a brother to him. Karver would kill him if he knew the dirty thoughts running through Eli's head involving his little sister. 


A flash of her sexy grin and Eli was a goner. 


He wanted her. 


The drive home was impossible so they checked into a hotel for one night. 


All of the innocent flirting in the past was long gone. Tempest's eyes, full hips, and even her dainty toes called to him. 


Eli wouldn't make any promises. 


He just hoped that come morning, he still had a best friend. 

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