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It was so easy to piss her off. 
So he did it frequently, just to get a rise out of her. 

Wade Brooks lived and breathed the Blazing Eagle ranch. It was in his blood, and raising cattle was all he knew. But when it came down to the girl next door, Joy Whitaker, he knew one thing. 


He got a kick out of seeing her angry. 


She was a spitfire and challenged him every chance she got. He’d loved to tame her, but she would fight back. 


Their families were at odds with each other. The rivalry dated back before either of them was born. Whitakers and Brooks grew up hating each other. 


A good ol’ country family feud.


Until now. 


One kiss and Wade was willing to bury the hatchet. A taste of her, and he knew she belonged to him. 


The past didn’t have to drive their future. 


Or did it?

Read what readers are saying about Roping A Cowboy!

"I laughed and swooned and thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the characters. This book is one of my absolute favorites from P. Banks."--Goodreads reviewer.

"I loved the banter between these characters and their chemistry is incredible. An incredible read and one everyone should read and enjoy, I highly recommend it."--Goodreads reviewer.

"Two colourful personalities create a union of spice, humour and heat. Proving that even a family feud is no match for true love."-- Amazon reviewer. 

"I love the family rivalry and how it all comes down when Wade and Joy give in to their feelings. It's sweet, cute, funny, and sexy!"--Mari Loves Books Blog.

"Stubborn fathers and feuds didn’t stop Joy and Wade from exploring their relationship. It’s a beautiful happy ending for both families."-- Amazon reviewer. 

"So much chemistry between Wade and Joy that there was no room left for misunderstanding. A great love story and family connection."-- Amazon reviewer.

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