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There’s no place like home for the holidays...

When her best friend comes home for the holidays, there is something different about him. Gracie Logan had been best friends with Harris since they were in junior high. Growing up, he had been the popular guy in town who all the women swooned over.


And she had been stuck in the friend category forever. 


Keeping her lips sealed about her crush, she decided to continue being the one thing he needed most—a friend.


Harris Bates was home for the holidays. One look at Gracie and knew he could no longer fight what he had known for years. 


She was the one for him. 


Sparks began to fly, and they can’t ignore the intense attraction between them. Will they act on what is brewing between them? One thing they both knew was that nothing will ever be the same again.


The Christmas Secret is a steamy holiday BWWM romance. For readers who love sexy, friends to lovers romance, this is for you. This short novella is reserved for mature readers only.

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Christmas time was here and she only had one wish…


The big jolly man in the red suit was due to make his appearance in one week. Single mother Ida Dillard wanted to ensure she and her daughter Luna were ready for his arrival. She had the perfect day planned for them. It was supposed to be fun, but Mother Nature had other plans in the form of a winter snowstorm.


Local veterinarian Drew Bates was navigating the worst winter storm of the season and found a vehicle stuck in a snow drift. Being the good samaritan he was, he pulled over to help. Imagine his surprise to find it’s the one woman he has been crushing on for awhile. 


Drew and Ida had known each other for some time. In their cozy town of Langdale, almost everyone knew everyone. Her dog was his patient, and her best friend was married to his brother. 


He ensured the girls made it home safe, but by the time they arrived, the roads were no longer drivable, and he was forced to stay the night. 


With dropping temperatures and sipping hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire, the tension between the two skyrocketed. In the late night hour, all of their innocent flirting of the past went out the window. Trapped together until morning, will they seize the moment and give in to their desires? 


The Christmas Wish is a steamy, holiday BWWM romance. For readers who love sexy, small town romance, this is for you. This short novella is reserved for mature readers only.

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