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Silent Deception


She was his assignment, and he’d do anything to protect her—anything.


Day in and day out, it was his job to watch her. She became his obsession. The object of his desires. Charlie “Big Country” Shephard was the bodyguard of Jazz Tyson, the wife of the man who hired him. 


Her smile calmed him. Her tears brought out the beast in him. Her laughter made his heart race. Her fear... made him kill. 


It would always be Jazz. She belonged to him. She just didn’t know it yet.


So..SILENT DECEPTION is my first Peyton Banks book...and I liked it...I could feel the connection between Charlie and Jazz...Obviously, I was surprised by the last twist...and I liked that if the author hadn’t told me this was an interracial love story, I wouldn’t have known...because it just didn’t matter...♥️🌼

-Amazon Reviewer

Charlie/Big Country is hired to protect the family of a wealthy businessman. The husband dies and Jazz is now a widow with a young son. Charlie has secretly been in love with her for years and has been keeping Jazz safe in ways he worries she may not approve of. Is she still in danger? This story is short, steamy, and satisfying with a twist I didn’t see coming! You will not be disappointed with this one - worth every penny! I will be looking for more stories by this author. 5 stars.

-Amazon Reviewer

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