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Having been promoted to partner at Walsh, Ingram & Ingram law firm, Avarie Ingram was quite confident in her abilities in not only the courtroom but the boardroom as well. Her new high profile assignment was to be an advisor for the legal team of the billion-dollar corporation, King Steel Industries. This duty would include working closely with the devilishly handsome C.E.O, Shane King. Making her way up the corporate ladder, left no room for love and it was the last thing she had considered while climbing the ladder of success. 

A private dinner between the two would lead to a night of passion that Avarie desired to keep in the strictest of confidence. After all, there was this little thing called attorney-client privileges. 

The sparks between the two are enough to set the town on fire. Avarie and Shane embarked on a steamy love affair, unable to keep their hands off each other. As much as Avarie tries to remain professional in the office, Shane blows past her defenses at every turn. She's built up the facade of being a hard, corporate attorney and Avarie knows what is between them is wrong-- but there's no way she can leave Shane alone. 

Retain Me is a steamy, contemporary BWWM romance. For fans that love sexy, filthy office romance, you will love the latest release from Peyton Banks. It’s reserved for mature readers only. 

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