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Thick & Beefy (Lunchtime Chronicles Ep. 58)

Thick & Beefy (Lunchtime Chronicles Ep. 58)

Perfectly made to order.


Mykeisha McCall has decided that she will just be single. After countless dating disasters and terrible relationships, she had called it quits. It may be time to start adopting cats to keep her company. Before she started going to shelters, she had to make a trip to her alma mater for alumni weekend. 


It had been a while since she’d seen some of her college friends, and it was just the getaway she needed. 


But she hadn’t counted on seeing him. 


Nash Fitzpatrick. 


The one she’d had a crush on but never said a word.


Nash Fitzpatrick had never forgotten the beautiful Mykeisha. She had been the cool chick to hang out with, and they had been friends. After he had graduated college, they had fallen out of touch. He’d figured she would have been married with children by now, but to his surprise, she was single. 


With a weekend to catch up, the two were inseparable, and it was almost like old times. Only this time, they did things friends normally didn’t do. 


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