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The Christmas Gift (A Langdale Christmas 3)

The Christmas Gift (A Langdale Christmas 3)

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Christmas was here and there was only one gift she wanted under her tree. 


Elementary school teacher Ellie Wynn was on holiday and wanted to make the most of it. Like all teachers, she looked forward to this time off. It was Christmas Eve, and she wanted to do a little last-minute shopping, but Mother Nature was again releasing her wrath on the small town of Langdale. 


Officer Kolton King arrived home after working a long night shift to find his beautiful neighbor attempting to shovel the mountainous snow from her yard. Not wanting her to hurt herself, Kolton had to assist her because it was the neighborly thing to do. 


What began as a neighborly gesture soon became a spark neither could deny. As the storm intensified and a power outage plunged Langdale into darkness, Ellie and Kolton were drawn together in the warmth of shared laughter and an undeniable attraction. Being stuck together during the crazed winter storm may deliver a gift that both of them had wished for.

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