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Polish Boy (Lunchtime Chronicles Ep. 54)

Polish Boy (Lunchtime Chronicles Ep. 54)

He’s so tasty, she just can’t resist. 


Niko Rusek had never been one to have female friends. Kizzie McCall blew into his life, and nothing was ever the same again. 


But now she’d moved away and he realized she had filled a void in his life no one had ever claimed before. There was one thing he hadn’t shared with Kizzie before she left and that was how much he needed and loved her. 


Niko hadn’t wanted to risk losing Kizzie by crossing the line, so he remained in the friend zone. 


Kizzie McCall recently relocated home to help with the thriving family barbeque business. In doing so, she now lived across the country from her closest friend in the world. 


Who was going to listen to her complain about her lousy dating adventures? Or give her advice when it came to the opposite sex?


She missed him like crazy.


Missed the way his eyes crinkled in the corners when he smiled, the sound of his laugh, his perfectly sculpted body…But Nico hadn’t looked at her as anything other than a friend. Kizzie knew she wanted more and with Nico coming to visit her, she would take a chance.


The friend zone doesn’t have to be forever? Or does it?

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