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Mr. Arrogant (The Keith Brothers 2)

Mr. Arrogant (The Keith Brothers 2)

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There’s a reason for the nickname…


Sofie Carter hated him. His smile. His cockiness. His swagger. Everything about him made her want to choose violence.


Jaxon Keith should come with a warning label stamped on his forehead. 


His arrogance made her see red, but apparently, women loved him and what he had to offer. 


But Sofie wanted nothing to do with him.  


She only had to be around him because his twin was married to her best friend. They even shared godparent duties of the couple's new baby, so there was no way she could avoid him. 


Sofie could never be with a man like him. At least that's what she told herself. 


She also told herself she wouldn't think about the night they shared. 


Okay, the few nights where she indulged in what Jaxon offered. 


She'd had a taste. 


It was official. 


She was addicted. 

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