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Dirty Operations (Special Weapons & Tactics 3)

Dirty Operations (Special Weapons & Tactics 3)

SKU: 2003

Never stand in the way of a man in love...


Ashton Fraser dedicated his life to the protection of the public. As a member of the elite Columbia SWAT team, he loved the intensity of taking down the bad guys. When not hunting down criminals, he volunteered with the local youth as a D.A.R.E Officer. 


Deanna Dawson was an elementary school teacher who had a crush on the handsome cop who came and spent time with her students. His crooked grin and charm drew her to him. The innocent flirting was turning serious, but he had yet to ask her out. 


The passion between the two of them would explode. Ash had a target on his chest, but that wouldn't keep him from going after the woman he desired. He would handle the enemy, then claim his woman. 


Nothing was going to stop him—or would it?

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