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Dirty Justice (Special Weapons & Tactics 5)

Dirty Justice (Special Weapons & Tactics 5)

SKU: 2005

From the moment they met, he knew he had to have her. 


Brodie Gipson left the Army and immediately joined the Columbia Police Department. Serving his country was in his blood, and SWAT was his calling. With his military experience, he fit right in with his brothers in blue, protecting the community. It was an intense career that held little room for anything else. 


But there was someone he couldn’t stop thinking about that he wanted in his life. 


Ronnie Floyd was a romantic at heart. Life was unfolding before her like one of those spicy novels she loved reading, and she was the star. Ronnie harbored a secret and wasn’t sure if Brodie was ready for the big news. He was a stand-up guy who was sexy, fun, and she couldn’t keep her hands off him. 


That’s how she ended up in a predicament she was in.


Brodie was in the midst of one of the most intense assignments of his life. The level of danger surrounding him and his team was getting out of control. Ronnie burrowed herself into his heart, and now he was going to have to protect her and their future. 


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