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Released April 5, 2022

Trouble follows her wherever she goes. He’s a man willing to prove his love for her. 


Nykee Nash returned home to Shady Springs a changed woman. No longer was she the juvenile delinquent who committed crimes and broke the law. Nykee had paid her debt to society and wanted to move on with her life. She threw herself into her new passion and was the happiest she had ever been. 

Until Karl sauntered through the door of her newly established business. 

Around Karl, Nykee began to live again. 

Karl Tanis didn’t know what hit him. One look in Nykee’s warm brown eyes, and he was a goner. Karl had heard of her past but believed everyone deserves a second chance. He had spent most of his life working a ranch and was no stranger to hard work. 

He was up for the challenge to wrangle in Nykee’s heart. 

She’s stubborn, but he’s confident he will win her over. But with a twist of fate, everything they had came crashing down around them. 

Nykee doesn’t want him anywhere near her now, refusing to let him help fight her battles. There’s no way he is leaving her alone. He will not give up on their love because she would be hard to forget…

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