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Dirty Tactics

Special Weapons & Tactics 1


When the mighty falls in love, don’t mess with his woman. 


Marcas MacArthur was as tough as they come. The former Navy Seal had dedicated his life to lead the elite Columbia SWAT team and had no time for relationships. He had two reasons.  Putting his life on the line daily would be too much to ask any woman to deal with, and she would be a distraction. But when the new neighbor next door moved in, she captured his attention. 


Sarena Rucker was an emergency room nurse who had a thing for men in uniforms. The single sergeant who lived next door made her knees weak. Decked out in his tactical gear, he was the perfect package—sexy, rugged, intense—and he loved to be in charge. 


One night together and their lives changed forever. Sarena had got under his skin, and Marcas couldn’t get enough of her. Everything was perfect until Marcas learned of the target on Sarena’s back because of her connection to him. He would do anything to protect her. 


Will he be able to save her in time, or will he lose the one who gave him hope for the future?


Dirty Tactics is a steamy interracial romance for readers over 18 years and older. 

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