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Dirty Ballistics

Special Weapons & Tactics 2


She needs his protection as much as he needs her love. 


Declan Owen was a former Navy Seal serving on the best SWAT team in the south. He was dedicated to his work and wasn't looking for love. He lived life to the fullest, and attaching himself to one woman wasn't the plan. Backed into a corner by his nosy neighbor, he found himself set up on a blind date. 


Aspen Hale had just relocated to Columbia under a new identity and had to keep a low profile. Her secrets were consuming her, and she needed a distraction. A date with a sexy cop sounded fun and would get her out of the house. 


Their eyes met, and the attraction was too hot to ignore. Aspen couldn't begin to imagine a future with Declan, while unable to escape her past. Her time with Declan would soon come to an end. 


Declan wasn't a man to back down from a fight. He would do what he must to save his woman. Her safety was his top priority as much as her love. 


Declan and his brothers in blue will do what they must to protect her, but will it be enough?


Dirty Ballistics is a steamy interracial romance for readers over 18 years and older.

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