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He’s ready to give her his heart...but will she take it?


Carson Brooks was a small-town rancher, working alongside his family on the Blazing Eagle ranch. He enjoyed his life immensely, but something was missing. 


Demi Day blew into his life, and he quickly realized nothing would ever be the same after meeting her. She had arrived in Shady Springs to escape the celebrity life and find herself. 


Demi was down to earth, had a captivating smile, and a personality that drew him to her. It was no wonder the world was in love with her.


Her time in Shady Springs would be short-lived. The limelight was calling her. Carson was desperate for her to stay without extinguishing the twinkle of the stars surrounding her. 


There’s no way he would make her choose between her career and him. What they had between the two of them was rare and should not be overlooked. He was determined to make it work.


Carson was ready to win her heart and fight for their love. Will it be enough to keep them together?


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