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Tall, dark, handsome, and richer than sin. Too bad, he was her boss. 


Lusting after one’s employer could be considered career suicide. Soraya Stevens landed the job of her dreams. When she should be working, she’s fantasizing about her billionaire boss. 


How could she not think about him? As his executive assistant, their work relationship was already intimate. 


She was obsessed with everything Kincaid Hamilton...his intense eyes, intelligence, and the way the man wore a suit. 


Was he aware of her infatuation with him? Could he feel the sparks between them?


How could he not?


But little did she know, Kincaid had known all along. He had only been bidding his time, toying with her, and drawing her into his web.


When dealing with a rich and powerful man, there was only one thing Soraya had to learn about him. 


The rules don’t apply.


Breaking the Rules is an African American billionaire romance that is intended for the mature audience only. 

Releasing 2/9/21

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